Commercial disputes and the resulting litigation can be significant business distractions, resulting in loss of revenue, standing in the community and even dissolution of the business. For these and many other reasons, it is important to have experienced legal representation whenever a business dispute arises. Our goal is not only to protect the rights of the client, but also to preserve the business itself.

At the law offices of Sweeney, Reich and Bolz, in Queens, we protect the rights of businesses and individuals throughout New York City in commercial and business litigation. Providing either plaintiff’s or defense counsel, our attorneys act quickly to protect our clients’ rights and the ability of their businesses to thrive. As aggressive litigators, we prepare all our cases for trial. With over two decades of trial experience, we are not afraid to take on tough cases in commercial litigation, including:

  • Shareholder disputes and partnership dissolution We protect the interests of clients in disputes involving shareholders and partners.
  • Partition actions We handle partition actions for individuals who want to protect their interests in jointly-held real estate, whether as part of a business or partnership or as individuals involved in family disputes.
  • Contract disputes When parties to a business contract disagree about the meaning of that contract, litigation is usually necessary to resolve the matter.
  • Unfair business practices and other external disputes, such as collections, disputes with suppliers or problems with regulatory agencies
  • Insurance disputes We help clients resolve matters related to insurance coverage for their businesses.
  • Construction disputes Whether the client is a contractor or a user of construction services, we help resolve disputes over construction defects, delays and bids.

Dedicated to commercial litigation, attorney Michael H. Reich, a senior partner in Sweeney, Reich & Bolz of Queens County, is ready to handle any business law concern. Whether the matter is ultimately resolved through negotiation or at trial, we protect the rights of our clients and the future of their businesses.